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Letter Mailbox (Beige Grey)
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Letter Mailbox (Beige Grey)

  • Materials: Powder coated galvanised steel.
  • Size: H: 312 x W: 430 x D: 178 mm
  • Letter slot: 35 x 400 mm
  • Volume: 25 litres
  • Mail capacity: 15 litres
  • Delivery Time: 2-3 days
  • Lock: MEFA safety lock that can be adapted to fit your front door key.

  • A beautiful, elegant design-led external mailbox - inspired by the characteristic shape of an envelope

    MEFA Letter gives you good, well-thought-out design at an affordable price. The very characteristic shape, inspired by the classic envelope, is a poetic reference to the mailbox contents. At the same time, MEFA Letter represents the sort of stringent, Nordic expression that will grace any home. MEFA have created a unique mailbox, combined with an attractive colour palette that accentuates the sheer simplicity of MEFA Letter while blending in with the colours of nature and the colours of the building. (The lock is discreetly concealed behind the flap).

    The MEFA Letter mailbox is ideal for externally fitting on an outside wall or post.

    Letter Mailbox (Beige Grey)
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    Letter Mailbox (Beige Grey)
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    Letter Mailbox (Beige Grey)
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    Available options for the MEFA Letter post box
    MEFA Stand 22 (Beige Grey)
    Combine the MEFA Letter mailbox with a MEFA Stand 22 for the complete post mounted mailbox solution.

    MEFA Newspaper Holder (Beige Grey)
    Store your newspapers and magazines with the addition of a newspaper holder produced specifically for the MEFA Letter mailbox.

    Vinyl Numbering & Lettering Options
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    Colour of Lettering
    Please select the colour you would like if you have chosen to have sign writing added to your box.

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